Big boats are bad
Calin Laurentiu Ilie Frederiksberg, Copenhagen Stand up for fair fishing!

Big boats are bad

How can small fishing boats and their sailors make a living? How can the natural habitat of our oceans be harmonious? Just sign my petition and together we can have our voices heard!

Target: 50
11/25/2014 12/25/2014

of global fish stocks are either fully exploited or overexploited.

The destructive industrial fishing is destroying our oceans and draining them of life. At the same time the small scale fisherman are disappearing.

If enough of us make our voices heard we can get the politicians in EU to act. Greenpeace will deliver all the collected signatures to the minister of fishery and demand the overfishing to stop.

Stand up for fair fishing!


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Big boats are bad
Calin Laurentiu Ilie
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