Strays Trumps Well Bred
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Strays Trumps Well Bred

Ideological life long goal of mine; to reduce the snobby and ignorant attitude towards underdogs and other lost strays. There are enough street cats in Sweden alone for everyone who wants, to have a free love desiring pet. No animal nor human should be deemed as a lost cause. Less arian inbreeding and more love for the wild. Less cennels and more shelters. Don't buy kittens for just one season, people. Even the old ones have got up to 9 lives, why deny them a second chance? All you need is a little love and a pinch of patience. Thank you for anyone's support. Xx / S

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Mål: 20 000 kr
2017-02-24 2018-03-25



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Strays Trumps Well Bred
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