Help save the ocean <3
Alexandra Blomqvist Huddinge Plastkampen

Help save the ocean <3

According to myself, plastics in the ocean is the number one environmental issue right now. Not only does it kill innocent animals on a daily basis, the plastic also turns into micro plastics ending up in their stomachs, not killing them but affecting them and the ones who eat them. Maybe you're a vegetarian or someone who don't mind eating plastics, but maybe you still want a healthy ocean. You see, the problem with ocean littering is that it is so much harder to clean the ocean than the land. (I bet you can figure out why on your own). Once it is in the ocean, it will most likely stay there. This, is why I would like you to take action. Lend a penny and show the world that this is not okay. The money raised goes directly to the Greenpeace project for a plastic free ocean and I hope to reach 3000 SEK ($300 ish) by the 31st of December. Loads of love in advance for saving the ocean with me <3

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Mål: 3 000 kr
2018-06-10 2018-12-31



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Help save the ocean <3
Alexandra Blomqvist
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